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Team Effort, 1


       Personal blogs may give the impression that its contents merely reflect the output of the personal host.  Far from it. For instance, ‘my’ papers are largely co-authored, with the likes of Aart, Joel, Massimo, Pedro, Pablo, Ana, Francesca and others.  Even when not, the research benefitted from the collaboration and wisdom of others.  Likewise with the rest of my professional and personal life, of course.  [Except for the mistakes and personal views, which are all mine, and so is the ultimate responsibility for this blog, of course.]

     Above we see (from left) Diane, Laisa, Alexandra and Edouard — wonderful collaborators over the years.  [And the host of this blog, with the white hair…, was inserted in this thumbnail here…]              




Team Effort, 2:  Soccer — the level playing field…


     Team spirit early Saturday in Washington DC.  Some of us contribute less than others to the game, but the game is a wonderful globalizer, equalizer, and fun. 

MVP? — Even in Soccer there is misgovernance sometimes…


This picture was sent to all of us Saturday soccer players by Fernando, poking fun as if I was the MVP.  So far from it…

In fact, here there is another pix — part of the long-running Sunday soccer group… here in Washingtonsunday-soccer-geotown.jpg


     From time to time, these type of entries will also be included, in the spirit of a personal blog.   And the fact that corruption and misgovernance is also present in sports, and that often sports are misused for political purposes, is a fact of life.  Exposure of misdeeds helps improve integrity in sports, and political misuse of sports.    See for instance this blog entry

     By sheer contrast to some particular lurid stories involving corruption and misgovernance in some professional sports, many aspects of sports are fun, not driven by commerical interests alone, nor subject to acute misgovernance.  Sports can  instill such positive values inspiring the younger generation.  The great stuff in sports was in evidence in the soccer friendly game where the US women national team hosted Canada here in Washington, DC, on May 10th, 2008.  After the game I took this picture of the great goalie Hope Solo with the three wonderful kids I took to the game, who had a blast all evening long.  


 Team ‘Effort’, 3:  Get-together among some high school friends  (in Santiago, end-December 2007)